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I am a speaker, consultant, and author. I have received awards for the top 25 women of influence 2020, and Top 100ABCwomen. I am also a Board Advisor and Changemaker, consulting with governments on Developing an intersectional lens on foreign policy. If you’re looking for a speaker on topics ranging from establishing and building strong networks to leadership development and growing your impact as an entrepreneur, hire me for your next speaking engagement. I speak from a relevant, and practical viewpoint, inspiring many. If you are interested in learning more, I’d love to connect with you.

Services I Offer


Discussions on growing your impact as an entrepreneur and career development in niche fields, navigation systemic challenges through the power of networking and relationship building.


Using lived experience as expertise to develop innovative programs and advance DEI; Engage on creating sustainable opportunities for Black youth talent engagement; working with senior executives across government, corporate and non-profit sector to facilitate improving products and services focused towards Black communities. Research development at the intersection of education, employment and racialization; public policy gap analysis for practice based implementation. 


Independent qualitative research on precarious work and Black communities - "The Case for Greater Inclusion of Racialized Social Workers in Public Policy Development" 2016; "The Black Experience of Precarious Work in Social Services" - 2017

International conference presentations: ILERA World Congress - Seoul South Korea 2018, Canada150 Symposium, London, UK, 2017; International Relations on Labour and Employment, Seattle, Washington, 2016.




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